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1312, 2021

Ethan Ratke feels “lifted up” after winning Fred Mitchell Award

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In 2009, the National Football Foundation made me the namesake for an annual award that honors the most outstanding kicker among over 750 colleges in America. For that, this old straight-on kicker remains forever grateful, especially to Chicago chapter chairman Chris Kearney.

In addition to kicking performance, community service is considered by our 35-man selection committee, which includes several members of the Pro Football and College Football Hall of Fame, as well as prominent coaches and businessmen.

Committee chairman Rob Perry recently announced the 2021 winner of the FMA is Ethan Ratke from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. The Dukes are 12-1 as they enter the semifinals of the FCS tournament against perennial powerhouse North Dakota State. Ratke has converted 29 of 32 field goal attempts to this point, as well as 61 of 62 extra points. Even more impressively, Ratke is the all-time college career leader in […]

1311, 2016

Week 10 NFL picks

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Halfway through the season, the Bears have an opportunity to become remotely relevant in the NFC North with a win over the Bucs…or not. Here are my predictions:

Ravens over Browns

Bears over Bucs

Packers over Titans

Redskins over Vikings

Chiefs over Panthers

Falcons over Eagles

Rams over Jets

Broncos over Saints

Texans over Jaguars

Chargers over Dolphins

Cowboys over Steelers

Cardinals over 49ers

Patriots over Seahawks

Giants over Bengals

611, 2016

Week 9 NFL picks

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The NFL remains quite unpredictable, even entering Week 9. With a couple of exceptions, I am going with the favorites to prevail.

Falcons over Bucs

Cowboys over Browns

Dolphins over Jets

Giants over Eagles

Chiefs over Jaguars

Vikings over Lions

Ravens over Steelers

Saints over 49ers

Panthers over Rams

Chargers over Titans

Packers over Colts

Raiders over Broncos

Seahawks over Bills

2910, 2016

Week 8 NFL picks

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Could this be the weekend the Browns win their first game? The Bears host the Vikings Monday night. But Soldier Field has not represented much of a home field advantage lately. Here are my Week 8 picks:

Titans over Jaguars

Bengals over Redskins

Falcons over Packers

Texans over Lions

Seahawks over Saints

Patriots over Bills

Browns over Jets

Raiders over Bucs

Chiefs over Colts

Broncos over Chargers

Cardinals over Panthers

Cowboys over […]

2310, 2016

Week 7 NFL picks

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The Bears lost as expected against the Packers Thursday night. Let’s see how the rest of the weekend turns out.

Packers over Bears

Giants over Rams

Bengals over Browns

Lions over Redskins

Raiders over Jaguars

Chiefs over Saints

Bills over Dolphins

Ravens over Jets

Eagles over Vikings

Colts over Titans

Falcons over Chargers

49ers over Bucs

Patriots over Steelers

Cardinals over Seahawks

Broncos over Texans

Last week’s record- 7-8


1410, 2016

Week 6 NFL picks

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The Broncos got me off to a rocky start Thursday night, but I like the Bears’ chances to pick up a home win against the Jaguars Sunday.

Broncos over Chargers

Bears over Jaguars

Bills over 49ers

Eagles over Redskins

Titans over Browns

Giants over Ravens

Panthers over Saints

Lions over Rams

Steelers over Dolphins

Patriots over Bengals

Raiders over Chiefs

Seahawks over Falcons

Packers over Cowboys

Texans over Colts

Cardinals over Jets

Last week’s record: 8-6

Overall […]

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