2909, 2016

Week 4 NFL Picks

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Last weekend started out promisingly for me, but ended up with a few clunkers. With better luck, this weekend should have some happier results.

Bengals over Dolphins

Lions over Bears

Colts over Jaguars

Redskins over Browns

Patriots over Bills

Seahawks over Jets

Panthers over Falcons

Texans over Titans

Raiders over Ravens

Broncos over Bucs

Cowboys over 49ers

Chargers over Saints

Cardinals over Rams

Steelers over Chiefs

Vikings over Giants

Last week’s record: 7-9

Overall record: 26-22

2209, 2016

NFL picks for Week 3

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Parity in the NFL is more than a rumor. But a few teams figure to separate themselves from the pack this week. Here are my Week 3 picks.


Patriots over the Texans

Cowboys over the Bears

Bengals over the Broncos

Raiders over the Titans

Cardinals over the Bills

Jaguars over the Ravens

Dolphins over the Browns

Giants over the Redskins

Packers over the Lions

Panthers over the Vikings

Seahawks over the […]

1509, 2016

NFL picks for Week 2

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Here are my Week 2 NFL picks following an epic Week 1 that saw six games decided by either two points or one point. This weekend looks even more unpredictable, if that is possible.

Jets over Bills
Lions over Titans
Chiefs over Texans
Patriots over Dolphins
Ravens over Browns
Steelers over Bengals
Cowboys over Redskins
Giants over Saints
Panthers over 49ers
Cardinals over Bucs
Seahawks over Rams
Broncos over Colts
Raiders over Falcons
Chargers […]

1409, 2016

Stand for something or you might fall for anything

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The congested intersection of sports, race and patriotism has been front-page news in recent weeks.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand during the playing of our National Anthem. He says he is protesting racial injustices in our country, which is his constitutional right and a valid concern. Unfortunately, his genuine message seems to […]

809, 2016

NFL picks to (maybe) click

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Are you ready for some football?

Here are my fearless Week One NFL picks, as well as my ambitious 2016 season predictions. It usually takes at least two or three weeks before teams sort themselves out to be contenders or pretenders, making the task quite daunting. Nonetheless, you can take these picks to the bank. Just don’t try to cash them […]