Are you ready for some football?

Here are my fearless Week One NFL picks, as well as my ambitious 2016 season predictions. It usually takes at least two or three weeks before teams sort themselves out to be contenders or pretenders, making the task quite daunting. Nonetheless, you can take these picks to the bank. Just don’t try to cash them quite yet.


NFC North: Packers

NFC South: Panthers

NFC East: Giants

NFC West: Seahawks

Wild card: Vikings

Wild card: Cardinals

AFC North: Bengals

AFC South: Colts

AFC: East: Patriots

AFC: West: Chiefs

Wild card: Steelers

Wild card: Broncos

Super Bowl matchup:

NFC: Packers

AFC: Patriots

Champion: Packers

Bears record: 6-10

WEEK ONE PICKS (Straight-up)

Carolina over Denver

Houston over Bears

Green Bay over Jacksonville

Baltimore over Buffalo

Philadelphia over Cleveland

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Minnesota over Tennessee

Cincinnati over Jets

New Orleans over Oakland

Kansas City over San Diego

Seattle over Miami

Indianapolis over Detroit

Dallas over Giants

Arizona over New England

Pittsburgh over Washington

Los Angeles over San Francisco